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Gerber Fixtures

Gerber manufactures a several fixtures including toilets and sinks for both residential and commercial installations. We offer every Gerber decorative fixture suite with matching sinks and toilets to complete any bathroom remodel or fresh installation.

  • Commercial Fixtures

    Gerber Commercial Fixtures include toilets, bowls, urinals, sinks and
    more. Gerber offers ADA compliant bathroom fixtures designed for use in
    any public facility.
  • Lavatories

    Gerber Lavatories include Pedestal, Self-Rimming, Countertop, Undercounter and Wall Hung styles for residential and commercial use.
  • Suites

    Gerber Suites conveniently show the matching sinks and toilets that go hand in hand when deciding on a bathroom remodel design.
  • Toilets

    Gerber toilets for residential and commercial installations