Step by step instructions for replacing Kohler Niedecken yoke and plunger assemblies.

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Kohler 30092/30094 Niedecken Yoke & Plunger Assembly Replacement

Kohler Niedecken Repair Instructions
  1. Turn off water supply.

  2. Open valve to relieve pressure and to drain faucet. Turn handle to full open position.

  3. Turn out handle screw, pull off handle, and pull off sleeve.

  4. Turn out both escutcheon screws and remove escutcheon. Turn out packing nut from cover. Carefully remove stem packing. Replace with new packing (21981) with taper facing toward packing nut. Reinstall packing nut and tighten.

  5. Turn out four cover screws and pull out cover sub-assembly (21971). In order to remove, cover may have to be rocked side-to-side at the same time while pulling on cover.

    Note position of regulating screw 21973 (on top or bottom) for reassembling later.
    Cover gasket may remain on mixer body, in recess of cover, or be partially bonded to both and tear apart when cover is removed. Remove entire gasket and discard. New gasket will be installed later. (Gasket # 22131)

    NOTE: One plunger has four slots which extend through its bottom, the other has a full diameter at its bottom. Plunger with slots extended through the bottom is normally hot water (left) side, however, it may· be on cold water (right) side in back-to-bat: installations. Note their position for reassembly of new yoke and plunger assembly.

  6. Turn off yoke and plunger assembly from valve stem. Before discarding old assembly, compare new yoke and plunger with the old. Be sure that the relation of hot and cold plungers to the lug on the yoke is the

  7. Partially turn new yoke and plunger assembly (30094) onto valve stem threads in cover sub-assembly. Position cover with regulating screw in same position as it was removed in step #5 above. Position yoke and plunger assembly with lug on yoke in down position for bath faucets and bath shower faucets or up for shower only faucets. Plungers must be in the same position as they were removed in step #5.

    NOTE: If plungers are not in same position, slide plungers outward to disengage from yoke, reverse plungers and reinstall by sliding back into slots in yoke.

  8. Place new cover gasket into recess in cover (22131)

  9. Lightly lubricate both plungers to aid entrance into seats.

    Note: If valve seats are rough or damaged, replace using repair kit # GP30090 or individual seats # 22129-RP

  10. Reinstall cover sub-assembly (21971), with yoke and plunger assembly, into mixer body. Plungers must enter seats first.

    Since yoke and plunger assembly is only partially turned onto valve stem, plungers can be guided into seats before cover sub-assembly nears mixer body.

    Push cover sub-assembly inward until seat washers bottom on seats.

    Place handle on stem and turn stem clockwise, while pushing on cover, to bring cover up tight against mixer body. Turn stem to full open position, insert four cover screws and tighten. Remove handle.

  11. Reinstall sleeve.

  12. Reinstall escutcheon. Align holes in escutcheon with threaded holes in cover, insert escutcheon screws and tighten.

  13. Reinstall handle, but do not secure. Turn handle counterclockwise until valve is in off position. Reassemble handle so that it indicates the "OFF" position on escutcheon. Secure with handle screw.

  14. Turn on water supply.