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Krowne Plumbing and Food Service Products

Krowne specializes in manufacturing high quality products for food service and commercial kitchens. Find commercial faucets for every kitchen application including back splash mounted kitchen faucets, pot fillers, pre-rinse units, hand washing faucets and bar sinks.
  • Faucets

    Krowne faucets are ideal for commercial installations. Krowne offers commercial kitchen faucets, lavatory faucets and sepcialty food service faucets for restaurants and bars.
  • Pre-Rinse Faucets

    Krowne pre-rinse faucets are heavy duty and designed for heavy usage in commercial kitchens. Krowne pre-rinse faucets come in wall and deck mount models, suitable for any restaurant kitchen install.
  • Plumbing Parts

    Krowne plumbing parts for faucets, pre-rinse units and waste drains include spouts, repair kits, cartridges, overflow pipes and spray valves.
  • Pot Fillers

    Krowne pot filler faucets are perfect for stove ranges found in commercial kitchens. Krowne pot fillers come with double joint swing spout for maximum length and space saving at the same time.
  • Utility Sprays

    Krowne utility sprays are faucets that come with a commercial spray valve attached for rinsing dishes, counters, work benches and more.
  • Hose Reels

    Krowne hose reels are perfect for kitchen cleanups and washdowns. Krowne hose reels can be mounted to the wall or ceiling and come with a commercial spray nozzle with high power spray.
  • Sinks

    Krowne manufactures commercial grade sinks for kitchens, restaurants,
    food service and utility/mop sinks.
  • Waste Drains

    Krowne waste drains are for 3" and 3-1/2" sink openings come with twist lever and overflow outlet, ideal for stainless steel compartment sinks.
  • Adapters

    Krowne faucet and plumbing adapters for custom connections.
  • Drains

    Krowne drains for kitchen and bar sinks. Krowne offers basket strainer sink drains, duo strainers and bar sink drains for commercial kitchens.
  • Supply Inlets

    Krowne supply inlets for deck and wall mounted faucets.