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T&S Brass Safe-T-Link Appliance Connectors

Welded Fittings
A gas connector is only as good as its weakest link. Trust Safe-T-Link welded fittings to remain gas-tight long after a competitor's crimped assembly begins to loosen.
Extruded Coating
Strong does not have to mean less flexible. The extruded coating stays out of the braid and keeps a constant wall thickness, providing strength and flexibility. Dipped coatings invade the stainless steel braid and stress the wires while reducing flexiblity.
Safest Stainless Braid
Stainless braids protect the thin inner hose from presure and stress. Trust the Safe-T-Link tight braid pattern to prevent punctures or dents more than a gapped braid.

Safe-T-Link Brochure (PDF)
T&S Brass Safe-T-Link Appliance Hose Brochure