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Symmons Commercial Shower

  • Safetymix®

    The original Symmons pressure balancing valve, Safetymix is designed to last the life of the building. Quality, durability and safety all come standard with every Safetymix tub/shower valve and trim. Safetymix tub/shower systems are ideal for high use commercial and institutional applications where safety and quality cannot be compromised.
  • Temptrol®

    The classic look of the Temptrol tub/shower trim combined with the brass, bronze and stainless steel reliability of the Symmons Temptrol pressure balancing shower mixing valve is the trusted choice of plumbing contractors and engineering specifications worldwide.
  • Temptrol® BP Series

    Symmons Temptrol II BP series is a classically styled single handle tub/shower trim with red and blue hot/cold escutcheon markings. Easy to install and service, the Temptrol II BP series trim provide Symmons reliability and temperature control providing a safe comfortable shower every time.
  • Temptrol® Commercial

    Temptrol Commercial tub and shower trims are constructed of high quality heavy duty metal components. Partnered with the dependability of the Symmons Temptrol valve, Commercial Temptrol can endure the day to day wear and tear found in applications such as education, healthcare and correctional facilities.
  • Temptrol® II 2000 Series

    Temptrol II 2000 series trim offers a great value for tub/ shower applications requiring ADA compliant handles with a sleek and simple shower trim. Powered by the Temptrol pressure balancing shower valve allows precise temperature control providing a safe comfortable shower every time.
  • Temptrol® Deluxe

    Symmons Temptrol Deluxe combines the reliability of the Temptrol valve with a clean look that coordinates with multiple bathroom styles. The large oval trim plate makes the Temptrol Deluxe ideal for multi-hole tub/shower remodeling projects by providing a fresh look to your tub/shower without the added cost of re-tiling.
  • Visu-Temp®

    Visu-Temp Clear-Vue™ is an ideal choice for specialized care applications. The easy to read display and built-in thermometer allows you to precisely set output temperature using a single handle. Safetymix® pressure balancing valve behind the wall shuts down water flow in the event of failure in hot or cold water.
  • Hydapipe®

    The reliability of Symmons pressure balancing valves combined with the durability of 18 gauge stainless steel make Symmons Hydapipe the trusted choice for educational, institutional and industrial installations. Order standard Hydapipe configurations from our catalog or custom build your unit to meet the needs of any construction project.
  • Showeroff®

    A durable, piston actuated metering shower valve, Showeroff® provides a full shower flow for approximately 45 seconds to minimize water consumption and reduce energy costs. Ideal for public showers, correctional facilities or any other application where positive control of shower water usage is required.