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T&S Brass CheckPoint Electronic Sensor Faucets

Whether it's regulating water flow, preventing waste or avoiding contamination,
T&S Brass CheckPoint electronic sensor faucets provide a reliable, convenient solution that's easy to use and control. T&S Brass offers the very latest innovations in electronic sensor faucet technology such as the Hydro-generator which eliminates the need for batteries or transformers by using built-in turbine that gathers power from the flow of water.

Why T&S Brass electronic sensor faucets?

Improved Hygiene:
It's easy to see how quickly germs can spread when multiple employees and customers touch the same faucet handle. Between frequent contact and ineffective hand-washing, disease transmission is all too common. With a T&S Brass hands-free sensor faucet, the risk of contamination is greatly reduced - cutting staff absenteeism and protecting everyone's health.

Smart Conservation:
With T&S Brass sensor faucets in place, saving water is simple and efficient. In fact, nearly one gallon (3.79 liters) of tempered water can be saved with every effective hand wash (approximately 20 seconds at 2.2 GPM [8.33 LPM]). When combined with the energy savings realized by not heating as much water, the result is less cost, less waste and less environmental impact. Installing T&S electronic sensor faucets can also help achieve LEED certification for new buildings — making them a smart choice across the board.

Parts Always Available:
Repair and service maintenance are important things to consider when purchasing an electronic sensor faucet. T&S Brass has replacement parts available for every CheckPoint sensor faucet, which means less down time in the event of a needed repair or service.

The following features come standard on every T&S Brass ChekPoint model:

Water-resistant control module: keeps electronics protected

AC/DC power: offers choice of power supply

Proven electronic technology: comes with cutting-edge innovations built in

Adjustable temperature control mixing valve : uses ratios to favor hot, cold or mixed water

Adjustable water shut-off delay: sets the number of seconds water runs before shutting off

Adjustable sensor range: allows customization based on sink size or personal preference

Adjustable automatic time-out: turns off faucet after a set period in case sensor is tampered with

Auto-flush: rinses the system automatically

Low battery indicator LED light: easily prevents downtime

Vandal-resistant aerator: comes with 2.2 GPM (8.33 LPM); other flows available

Vandal-resistant outlet key: provides easy access to aerator for installation or removal

Filtered solenoid valve with serviceable strainer filter : keeps debris out and the faucet running smoothly

Pre-assembled with mounting hardware and tee wrench installation tool included **: makes prep work and installation simple

No sealant required: ensures easy installation

Modular quick-release sensor connection : prevents sensor cable from becoming dislodged while providing protection for a water-resistant connection (for below-deck models only)

All-stainless steel braided hoses: adds protection for vital parts

Chrome-plated brass: enhances durability

ADA-compliant: guarantees viability in any facility

Check valves: prevents crossflow

* Functional in non-sensor mode if needed.
** Tee wrench not included for EC-3101, EC-3122, EC-3130, EC-3132