Chicago Faucets MVP™ Metering Cartridge Timing Adjustment
This guide will show you how to adjust the timing on a Chicago Faucets MVP™ Metering Cartridge

Timing Adjustment on an MVP™ Metering Cartridge

  1. With handle in place, purge cartridge of air by pushing completely down 4-8 times rapidly,
    then check timing cycle.
  2. Remove handle with a 3/32 allen wrench.
  3. Use a standard pair of pliers (other tools may damage the adjustment nut) to change height
    of adjustment nut by 1/4 turn only. Turn adjustment nut clockwise to increase time.
  4. Replace handle and time flow. NOTE: TIMING MUST BE CHECKED WITH HANDLE IN PLACE
  5. If more adjustment is needed, follow steps 3 and 4 until timing is right.
  6. Attach handle and tighten screw. Press index button into handle opening.

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